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Author Ángel Morera, Ángel Sánchez, A. Belén Moreno, Angel D. Sappa, & José F. Vélez
Title SSD vs. YOLO for Detection of Outdoor Urban Advertising Panels under Multiple Variabilities. Type Journal Article
Year 2020 Publication Abbreviated Journal In Sensors
Volume Vol. 2020-August Issue 16 Pages pp. 1-23
Keywords object detection; urban outdoor panels; one-stage detectors; Single Shot MultiBox Detector (SSD); You Only Look Once (YOLO); detection metrics; object and scene imaging variabilities
Abstract This work compares Single Shot MultiBox Detector (SSD) and You Only Look Once (YOLO)

deep neural networks for the outdoor advertisement panel detection problem by handling multiple

and combined variabilities in the scenes. Publicity panel detection in images o ers important

advantages both in the real world as well as in the virtual one. For example, applications like Google

Street View can be used for Internet publicity and when detecting these ads panels in images, it could

be possible to replace the publicity appearing inside the panels by another from a funding company.

In our experiments, both SSD and YOLO detectors have produced acceptable results under variable

sizes of panels, illumination conditions, viewing perspectives, partial occlusion of panels, complex

background and multiple panels in scenes. Due to the diculty of finding annotated images for the

considered problem, we created our own dataset for conducting the experiments. The major strength

of the SSD model was the almost elimination of False Positive (FP) cases, situation that is preferable

when the publicity contained inside the panel is analyzed after detecting them. On the other side,

YOLO produced better panel localization results detecting a higher number of True Positive (TP)

panels with a higher accuracy. Finally, a comparison of the two analyzed object detection models

with di erent types of semantic segmentation networks and using the same evaluation metrics is

also included.
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